This blog/website opens a pathway to a unique reading experience, whether that be through one of the unique novels described here or via one of the short stories. Here is a listing of what awaits you:

One Of A Kind Novels

Shared Emptiness

The Ghost Of A Flea


The Watcher

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Short Stories With A Twist

His First Kill

Coffin Humor

A Memorable Weekend

A Whale Of A Myth

Occam’s Razor

The Robbery

Free To Die


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Novels Derived From Screenplays

About five years ago I was very busy writing screenplays, some of which did fairly well in the various contests, but none of which caught a producer’s or an agent’s eye.  The stories, I think, still have considerable merit, and I have decided to rewrite some of them as novels, which is a suggestion I received from several reviewers. So, in the months and years ahead, you will probably see and hear about some of these titles, as well as others. The first four books in the series have  just been published. The titles are: Death In The Arena, War Of Choice,  The Hitler Project, and Chromosome 47. These novels do not need to be read in order, since they are stand alone works.

Death In The Arena

War Of Choice

The Hitler Project 

chromosome 47 

Nation At Risk

The Devil’s Crucible


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